Lauren Nielsen
I was raised near where I live now, on a cattle ranch. As the oldest of three daughters I was the first to learn to drive the tractor, help build fence and go out moving cattle with my dad. My dad never let us all being girls hold him back from teaching us anything. I learned to saddle my horse and pull a heifer’s calf before I ever learned about make-up. And my mom was truly more happy outside than in. I feel pretty blessed to be able to say that’s how I was raised. When it comes to cows I’m pretty confident. Funny, now I don’t own any. I do have two Lamas, one old horse, two Pygmy goats, two dogs and an assortment of chickens. I am sure that list is going to grow but currently, that is where it sits. My passion is growing food for my family (two busy little boys and a wonderful husband) and my garden has been expanding every year. There are many challenges gardening here in the sand and slowly I am learning to improve my garden. It’s a process.

Trista Skinner
I was born in Newfoundland and raised in North western BC in a town that’s annual precipitation can be measured in inches. I moved to southern Alberta 12 years ago and have fallen in love with all the wide open space (not to mention the minimal rainfall). I am a wife and mother to 3 amazing little people. I have 2 Pygmy goats, 2 lambs, a bunch of chickens (I am unsure of the actual number as the flock is continually growing) a dog and a couple cats (these are really just mouse prevention). I love to cook, preserve and grow my own food; and to show my children where real food comes from.


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