The Grow Light System 

17 Mar

For years I have pined away at having a shelf grow light system. I haven’t gone ahead and set it up, believing in my mind that the cost would be to much to swallow.  Well folks it wasn’t expensive. Heck I got the thing running under $200.00 CAD. I bought the shelf at Costco and it holds 800lbs per shelf (this shelf is seriously heavy duty. The one from Canadian tire for the same price is not even half the quality). I bought the lamps at peavey mart for $37.00 each. I also bought an assortment of S hooks and some light duty chain to hang the lamps. The bulbs are just run of the mill shop lights at $6.00 a bulb. I have since added another lamp to the shelves (and I will likely have to add three more for sure) but the differences in my plants this spring is incredible. My starts will look like professional starts this year. And the speed at which things germinate is fantastic. I tell you I am loving the heck out of it and I hope you enjoy the pictures of things I have growing so far. 

Cheers and happy seed starting. 


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