Just a day in the life!

09 Aug

by Lauren

This spring Trista acquired two bum lambs with the intent to butcher them. They were two of a set of quads from a local producer and were very tiny. Trista and her family nursed them to health and they grew like weeds. 

Thursday was the day that they went to the butcher. But that caused a bit of a flap. How do we get them there? I have a stock trailer and my sister asked me later why on earth didn’t we just use it. Well it’s a home made trailer. And we were kindly given it but it needs a few modifications to make it road legal. Plus, the truck I have to haul it with is a bit sketchy too. It only likes to run if it has a full tank of gas. It dies after it gets to half full. So, being as it was the most simple answer anyway, I told Trista we could just load them in my Honda Pilot. She was dubious as to if they would fit but I assured her if my two big dogs and the goats could all fit back there, her lambs surely could. So we grabbed a couple hand fills of wool and loaded them up! Bye bye Meatball and Spider. See you at the dinner table!

Just a day in the life! 🙂 And it’s a great life!

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