Sexing Ducks

30 Jul
Sexing Ducks


By Trista


I am always thinking of things I need to blog about, inspiration will hit and then a kid’s falls and there is another boo boo to kiss, leaving inspiration on the back burner. However this blog post needs too written not only so I may share my horror with those who unsuspectingly read it, but with myself in the unlikely event I should ever need a refresher course in sexing ducks.

A little back story…..

When we moved to our new place last year, my youngest daughter told me she wanted a farm, and that what we were missing to qualify in her sweet little mind was sheep and ducks… now how she came up with the idea that sheep and ducks equate farm is beyond me. Anyways I shared her sentiments with Lauren who thought sheep were a great idea and sent me this link about ducks

Needless to say we got sheep and left the ducks


On Canada day while making breakfast I received a call from an acquaintance (a fellow school mom) who had just rescued 6 ducklings from the middle of the highway. She asked if I could come take them as she had less than no clue what to do with them. So I did. My kids were over the moon and they are pretty adorable.  

They were so tiny when we picked them up

 So we set them up in a brooder and everything was great until my husband asked “so did you sex them? What have we got”? I hadn’t sexed them so I headed out to the ducks armed with my iPad in case the sexing method differed from that of chicks. (Chicks can usually be sexed between 3 and 7 days old based on the feather pattern of their wings, girls having two rows of feathers and males having just one)  I quickly realized this was not going to be the same as ducks have all down and no distinct difference in their wing patterns. So I pulled up a YouTube video on sexing ducks. The video Lauren sent me was RIGHT they do have corkscrew penises. Here I was with my oldest daughter who’s 9 trying to find the poor critters vent and out pops a freaking corkscrew. To say we were both horrified was an understatement.

I have included the video for those who need direction on sexing their own ducklings, it was very informative as well as eye opening.


The weirdly endowed little buggers are still here and growing. They are still cute but everything considered I’m not sure ducks are for me. I’ll stick with my chickens! Oh and for those interested we had 2 boys and 4 girls!



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