This is for you Lauren

19 Mar

By Lauren 

Okay in the spirit of this blog, this post is a little reminder to myself for next spring. 

Last year was the first year I ever started my own plants. I spotted some indoor greenhouses is at Peavy Mart and thought my two south facing windows would be perfect. (Which, by the way they are.) Anyway I purchased the greenhouses, set them up, commenced planting seeds and ended up with ridiculous amounts of tomatoes. But that is a story for another time. Last summer when all of the starts were out of the little green houses I packed them up and put them away. Actually I do believe my mother-in-law had a great deal to do with this. Thanks Edel, you are the best. 

Well spring has come and it was time to dig out the greenhouses and set them up. I had been rummaging around in my garden shed and knew approximately where everything was. So I carted it all up to the house on the deck and commence trying to put it together. And I sat there… For how long I sat there trying to figure out how these prices could possibly fit together, I will not say. But I will tell you it was a significant amount of time from my life that I will never get back. It took a Google search to realize that I did not have all the pieces.  So back to the garden shed I went, and collected all the necessary parts. 

So future Lauren, this is for you. Don’t forget the long pieces go across and the short pieces go up and down.

The next trick of course is making sure I put them somewhere I can find them next spring!!!! 😳😳😳



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