They are finally here!

21 Feb

Last summer was my first year keeping bees. I am ridiculously excited about this fact and in my enthusiasm I have brought 2 (possibly 3) more people into the fold. Our bee colony is growing this year and as is the keeping force so it is not out of the realm of the imagination that the kids want in on the deal. The youngest has been bugging me for a long while to get him a suit that fits and I keep saying “YA YA buddy, I will order one for you .” Well I finally found a source (in Canada to boot) and ordered. urban bee they are out of Delta BC and were lovely to deal with. They have lots of great info on their site.
Anyway, I picked up the mail last night after the boys were in bed, so this morning when we got up at 7:00am I was very excited to see if they fit. The young one was less than impressed with putting on a bee suit, but the oldest was as game as ever! The suits are both big, but last time I checked the kids were not shrinking.


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