The Travellers

16 Feb

It has happened before. It will likely happen again. The dogs went on a tour.
Now I should introduce you to my dogs.


And Zeke


They are both BIG DOGS. Zeke, the big loveable beast, is a mutt that was abandoned near my aunt and uncle’s home. They didn’t have the room or time for him and asked if we would be interested in taking him. So we did. Lou is a LGD. Or Livestock Guardian Dog. She is a pure bred Šarplaninac. It is a breed that originates in the Macedonian Šar mountains. She is a fierce protector of our home and critters and is very busy all night long patrolling our property. We love our dogs dearly, but when the two of them take a mind to go on a little tour, I really wish they wouldn’t take the goats with them. Yesterday, the dogs went on the biggest tour they have ever taken and were found a good 3 miles from home. This terrifies me. There are neighbours that snare coyotes in the area that they covered and I was just nauseated to find them there. But what really upset me when I found them was that they had lost the little goats.
We have two Pygmy goats named Lightning and Flash. (Don’t ask me, the boys named them.) and in recent weeks they have taken to following Lou out on walks we take. They have also started to follow Lou whenever she leaves the yard. So my wonderful neighbours and the boys and I spent 4 hours driving around looking for the goats. At dark I finally called it quits, the boys were tired and cold so we headed back home. I was heart sick the the little goats had come to such an end, and as a last ditch effort I checked an old building on the off chance they had ducked inside. Well there they were!!! Huddled in a back corner barely daring to breath. I rounded up some help to catch them (did I mention they are not so tame?) and we hauled them home in the back of my Pilot. (I should really go and see if it smells bad back there. ) They seemed very glad to be home and ran straight to their shed and I barricaded the door.
Now what am I going to do about the dogs? Honestly, I don’t know right now. The temporary solution is to have one of them tied up when we are not outside. Lou usually in the daytime and Zeke at night. I am going to ask some of my dog friends and see if they have any ideas but I think eventually, there will be a fence involved. And the little goats are going to be penned into Fort Knox!


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